Pretty good scooter repair book. It's a little 'sketchy" on the 5 Star but better than nuthin'. Usualy pops up on Ebay so don't forget to donate!
1200C Owners manual with great electrical diagrams.
NSU (and VW) color chips from the original Glasurit paint. Unfortunately they have been bought and sold so much it's hard to find the paint in the US now. Some colors are not mixed as well.
Little Prinz Handbook. I purchased it on Ebay for big bucks to pass along the savings to you.
RO80 handbook. Check back here in the future for a parts book.
Shell tune-up guide of all aircooled NSU's
2cyl tune-up guide
Strobel detailed engine report for the2 cylinder engines.
price sheet for NSU bikes!
price sheet for NSU cars!
strange data sheet for the Spider (came with mine) In german language
guarantee card that came with my old Spider. A little Photoshop© and you have one for you!
manufacturing card for the NSU mirror.
Found in the glove box of my RO80. Nice restoration touch.
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NSU manuals (long download!)
Color Chips
More Color Chips
Blue Book 1
Blue Book 2
Blue Book 3
Sport Manual
PII Handbook
RO 80
Tune-up 1
Tune-up 2
Tune-up 3
Price Sheet
Price Sheet 2
P4, 1000, TT, 1200, NSU Spider, TTS color chips for the exterior and interior.
Short list of original NSU dealers. I've found parts by checking out old sites. Check your local town and mail us back here with a picture!
140 pages of the Prinz 1000L factory bluebook. I rechecked the file size and it's actually 4.9 meg. Good luck if you have a 56k modem!
127 pages of the PI-II parts factory bluebook.
This whopping download is the whole PI-III factory repair book.
Sport Prinz supplement to the above bluebook repair manual.
more Sport Prinz supplement to the above Bluebook repair manual.
Sport Prinz tech data only
Prinz 4 in the German language (sorry, if you have the Engish version, send it in!)